Imagination meets inspiration

IMG_3467-2You and me, before anything happen and made us to what we are now, we are like this kid. We silently played inside our vast and endless imaginations. We set no limits. No boundaries. We found our dreams but we lack a cause. And this lead us to our inspirations.


Enjoy the company of old people

I’d like to cite something about a blog from It says, “Enjoy the company of old people. For life advice, but also just for fun. “Old men will give you the greatest fashion advice. They know how to look sharp. They know how to be put-together. They know about the pocket square. These are the people who won World War II…”.

Magic and Instincts

“When something is meant to be, you just know it immediately. It’s as if there was a divine plan or universal synergy fusing the right time for the right situation.” This is one of the lines that caught my attention when i was reading an article about a new arising band. When you think about it deeply, it explains how instincts works.